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Prevent Breachs and Infections before they happen

Internet use accounts for up to 85% of all malware incursions. Hackers and cybercriminals carry out these attacks by exploiting vulnerabilities in browsers and applications. Social engineering and phishing schemes are also on the rise.

The MspSecureWeb Security Service protects users with proactive security layers that block web threats in the cloud before they enter your network. The cloud-based architecture makes it possible to directly authenticate users to the service for seamless enforcement and protection-regardless of their location. By preventing users from bypassing your web facilities, the service also ensures enforcement of essential HR, legal, compliance and duty of care obligations.


MspSecureWeb offers cloud-based web security with separate powerful anti-virus and anti-spyware engines-including the award-winning SpySweeper that scans for over 4,500 types of spyware in memory. To ensure zero-hour malware protection, the service replaces old-school signature-based technology with advanced heuristic protection against JavaScript, Shellcode, XSS, Adobe PDF, and Phishing attacks


By leveraging the global Web Intelligence Network (WIN), the service prevents infections from malicious websites. WIN identifies threats in real time using data from multiple sources across the Internet to deliver constantly updated website and IP reputation analysis and scoring


Over 80 content classification categories enable granular control over website access, flexible policy enforcement, and relevant management reporting. WIN leverages the world's largest database (over 300 million websites) for accurate coverage of the web. Time-of-day and quota access controls-by user and group- enable tailoring web access policies to enforce specific compliance, HR and legal requirements.


Phishing and spear-phishing attacks are increasing in frequency and sophistication. These schemes attempt to trick users into divulging sensitive information-such as passwords and credit card numbers-by obfuscating web URLs and masquerading as trustworthy entities. Proprietary anti-phishing technology ensures users are always connected to the authentic site with which they believe they are interacting. It can also filter inappropriate content based on web application, attachment type, MIME type, file type, file size, and more.


Some users try to avoid being blocked or monitored by using proxy bypass sites that promise to foil URL and IP based filters. While legacy web security solutions can block access to known sites using a URL filtering policy, new sites appear so rapidly that users can easily circumvent monitoring. Purpose-built WIN proprietary technology defeats any attempt to skirt your policy controls


The deployment of the WIN Desktop Proxy (DWP) agent reduces operational risks by preventing users from circumventing web security. Easily deployed, the tamperproof agent ensures that all users are directed through the Webroot SecureAnywhere Web Security Service.

The DWP agent transparently authenticates users to the service. By intelligently negotiating WiFi hot spots and other complex login situations for remote users it prevents users from tampering with their browser settings.

Memory Spyware Scanning -Bold The DWP agent further helps to facilitate the scanning of memory on user endpoints to detect over 4,500 different forms of malware, helping to counter web malware that use this method of infection.


Other web security solutions attempt to block access to anonymizing proxy sites using URL filtering policies. However, new sites pop up constantly, and technically astute employees can build their own anonymizers with simple downloadable code. Both new sites and sites set up by employees will not be in any URL filtering lists.

Proprietary WIN Anonymizing Proxy Detection is purpose-built to defeat users who attempt to circumvent monitoring or gain access to restricted sites-using either commonly available or custom-built anonymizing proxy sites


A highly scalable, resilient global web of datacenters reduces operational risks. These facilities are fully redundant, so even in the unlikely event of a total outage in one datacenter, secondary datacenters will ensure continuous operation of the WIN Security Service. This level of redundant and scalable IT infrastructure enables WIN to offer a 99.9% SLA on service availability.

In addition to high security and strict access controls at these data centers, Webroot regularly conducts penetration testing, and has accredited and audited the service to the SAS70 level.


Being able to instantly 'see' what is happening with your users usage of the web is a highly practical way of reducing the operational risks of web security.

The MspSecureWeb Security Service offers administrators a customizable dashboard that gives an at a glance status of the web usage in their organization and the impact web browsing is having on bandwidth usage and other key metrics.

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MspSecureWeb is the ideal service to help you grow your MSP business

Minimizing Management Complexity

MspSecureWeb minimizes management complexity, while improving security, user visibility and flexible policy controls. A simple and intuitive cloud-based management console makes administration and enforcement of granular web security and web filtering policies completely straightforward.

Administrators may securely access the console from anywhere using a web browser for all operational tasks, including service configuration, deployment, policy management, and reporting. They can also grant full roles-based access-with easily customized permissions-to allow the direct access by Legal, HR and other non-IT staff.

IT now provides a service to HR that enforces corporate web usage policies via website category blocking. From a corporate risk perspective, there are just certain types of Web sites companies do not want their employee's visiting. These days there is so much risk involved from an HR and Legal perspective that Web filtering must be part of your basic toolkit


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benefits MspSecureWeb