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Minimizing Management Complexity

MspSecureWeb minimizes management complexity, while improving security, user visibility and flexible policy controls. A simple and intuitive cloud-based management console makes administration and enforcement of granular web security and web filtering policies completely straightforward

Administrators may securely access the console from anywhere using a web browser for all operational tasks, including service configuration, deployment, policy management, and reporting. They can also grant full roles-based access-with easily customized permissions-to allow the direct access by Legal, HR and other non-IT staff.


The Internet has become essential for accessing business-related applications. Combined with the dramatic growth in remote access, home working and the use of multiple types of devices, this ubiquitous access is causing headaches for IT. First and foremost, administrators much protect users and networks from dramatically increased risks of infections. At the same time they must consistently enforce acceptable web usage policies. And they must achieve both without hampering the productivity and competitive benefits of the Internet.

The cloud-based approach to web security offers a solution to these sometimes needs. It provides global user visibility regardless of location and ease of management-without slowing web performance by forcing users to connect via a VPN.

The cloud-based service approach further eliminates the excessive cost of having to deploy hardware and software onsite at every office location, while streamlining management with a web-based console.


The benefits of the MspSecureWeb Security Service extend beyond malware protection, adding the ability to filter content entering and leaving your organization. It enables control at the individual user level through URL filtering that can restrict the categories of web sites a user may or may not visit. Granular control makes it possible to enforce policy flexible usage policies. These can include quotas how much time a user is allowed to visit certain categories of websites, or what time during the day to allow access. For added flexibility, administrators can restrict access to certain web sites but allow users to override that policy.


A Cloud-based security does away with on-premise hardware or software, as well as operational maintenance such as security updates, patching and hardware support. It also eliminates the need to budget for high availability or disaster recovery, as they are integral features of a cloud-based solution

As part of a managed service, MspSecureWeb provides a comprehensive Service. It covers service uptime, known virus and spyware detection, response times in the event of service failures, and time to get a policy enforced. The MspSecureWeb Security Service offers the best Support response time in the security industry.


Web usage can involve HR, Legal, and Compliance disciplinary actions. This makes it critical to keep full logs of all web visits and times the users have visited sites, as well as audit logs covering activities of administrators using the management console. The MspSecureWeb Security Service does both, and unlike other web security services these logs are instantly available for the preceding twelve months, eliminating delays to reporting or investigations.

Reporting in the MspSecureWeb Security Service console enables managers as well as IT and other departments to see and understand users' web behavior. Automation of reporting also minimizes administrative time.

features MspSecureWeb

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features MspSecureWeb


benefits MspSecureWeb