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MspSecureWeb.net is a Wholesale Managed Service Provider for ISP's, MSP's, Reseller's and Var's.

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Prevent Breaches and Infections before you get infected

Internet use accounts for up to 85% of all malware incursions. Hackers and cybercriminals carry out these attacks by exploiting vulnerabilities in browsers and applications. Social engineering and phishing schemes are also on the rise.

MspSecureWeb Security Service protects users with proactive security layers that block web threats in the cloud before they enter your network. The cloud-based architecture makes it possible to directly authenticate users to the service for seamless enforcement and protection-regardless of their location. By preventing users from bypassing your web facilities, the service also ensures enforcement of essential HR, legal, compliance and duty of care obligations.

The MspSecureWeb security service integrates seamlessly with your network and will serve as an additional resource, just like having an extra member of your team keeping an eye out for potential threats.


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